Semester Two Trials


Students and families who may consider joining the Sports Academy or trialing for another Sport in Semester 2, please complete form below.

This application is only to be completed by:

  1.  Current NSHS Sports Academy Students wishing to change sports.
  2. Current NSHS students wishing to join the Sports Academy from other Elective 3 classes
  3.  Current NSHS Sports Academy students wishing to join another Elective 3 class (In Area students only).
  4.  Year 6 (2021) students who may of missed an opportunity to trial earlier in the year and wish to be considered for enrolment at NSHS in 2022.

*NSHS Football students wishing to trial Sydney FC Football will need endorsement from Miss Bell before completing the application.

*Please contact the school office if you would like to be considered for enrolment and currently enrolled at another High School.

TRIALS: To be held Thursday 27 May 2021

Applications Close: Monday 24 May 2021