Grant Sciberras Senior Tutorial Centre Co-ordinator

Grant Sciberras
Senior Tutorial Centre Co-ordinator

In term four last year the school trialled a Senior Tutorial Centre which gave our Year 11 and 12 students access to four tutors in the Senior Study Area. Not only do the tutors aim to support our students with specific assessment tasks, but they also provide support on any school work that needs clarification. “The trial was well received by our senior students,” Grant explains. “It seemed to be valued most around assessment time – the period when most of our students start to really feel the pressure. On the whole, most are grateful for the extra support”. The trial was so well received that the school has extended the program to support the senior students into 2020.


A happy spin off to this initiative has been the creation of a new program specifically aimed at our Year 10 students who face very particular challenges as they start to transition into the senior years. The Career and Academic Support Program will run every Wednesday during terms one and two and forms a big part of how Narrabeen helps build a culture of support between the Year 10s and the more senior year groups. “By running the Year 10 program at the same time and in the same space as the Senior Tutorial Centre, we can really start to show the Year 10s what the senior years look like and help them prepare for the realities of the senior years, HSC, career pathways or university options”. These sessions are run in conjunction with Tracie Morris, Careers Advisor and are designed to encourage Year 10 students to consider their career aspirations. From this, the program aims to teach the students goal setting strategies that are tailored to the specific needs of the individual. Grant adds, “Within the school there is a real drive to support students to achieve their goals irrespective of which career path they choose”, This tailored approach is really evident in these sessions and Year 10 students are benefiting from a program that sets them up for success in the senior years. 


Grant also helps out at the Sports Academy, supporting our student athletes balance their sporting commitments with their academic ones. “Our Academy students often represent the school at a high level but it is important to remember that we need to support every aspect of the school experience, making sure a support system is in place to offer support with regular school work and assessment tasks”. The school has developed sessions on Time Management, Prioritising work and Developing Good Work Habits which will be rolled out to our student athletes this term.